SSU 180 Miles to Excellence

It’s all about the orange and blue this week for Savannah State University’s Homecoming.
This morning students, staff and alumni gathered at Wright Stadium for the 180 Miles to Excellence Walk.
The walk was held commemorate the walk taken by their founder and first President Richard R. Wright 150 years ago.
Back in 18-66, he walked 186 miles just for the chance to go to school and receive and education
“For someone to have been born a slave, to go on to become a valedictorian of their college class, HS principal, college president, banker, newspaper publisher, just an awesome individual, and we just have to come out here and do what we can to pay homage,” says Clyde Newton, President SSU National Alumni Association.
Events will be taking place the rest of the week.
Tomorrow morning the Blue and Orange 5-k race will kick off.
Then at noon students and the public can head over to Alexis Circle for the campus parade and carnival.
On Saturday thousands will head downtown for the homecoming parade which starts at 9a.m.
Then around noon crowds will start gathering at T.A. Wright Stadium for tailgating in anticipation of The big game against Howard University at 2.

ssuwalk3 ssuwalk2


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