City approves nearly $150,000 for SCMPD project

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “We know that for the long term this is the way the police ought to be doing business,” Jack Lumpkin, SCMPD Police Chief, said.

That’s the Lumpkin’s response as to why Project Ceasefire has been so successful.

“It’s identifying the worst of the worst and it’s going after them,” Lumpkin said.

This past year SCMPD has worked with a contracted professional company, National Network for Safe Communities, to build a safer city.

The project develops and implements strategic plans by research, evidence, local data and community resources.

“The key to lowering violent crime in Savannah where people are really fearful of the murders, aggravated assaults, particularly of those to stranger types is to reduce violent crime with guns,” Lumpkin said.

Lumpkin said the crime rate has lowered since May of this year a large part of it is thanks to the project.

“Continuity and consistency of everything we’re doing,” Lumpkin said. “At one point we were 99 officers short on 600 bays. It’s hard to be able to capacitate when you’re that low.”

The cost is $148,552.50, but moving forward Lumpkin believes it’s well worth it.

“We’ll be more efficient and effective at what we’re doing,” Lumpkin said. “We’ll hopefully continue to have the federal support as we did last year when Marshall Services came in to help us.”

Lumpkin also added that they’ve seen reductions in specific crimes each month.

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