iPhone scam uses text messages to hack iCloud information

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – An iPhone scam asks users to login into their iCloud using their Apple ID through text message. Though the scam itself has been used for a few years, this new version has targeted users in the last six months using iCloud fraud as a hacker entrance.

The text message usually is sent from an address with words like “Apple,” “iCloud,” and “Lost My iPhone” in the title. This address is usually too long to see at one time on the screen, and hackers hope users won’t question it. In fact, this scheme is called “spimming” or spam instant messaging. The likeliness of Apple iPhone users to click the external fake link rises with every message.

Tech security expert Joe Gray said, “You’re not going to avoid receiving the really but you can avoid clicking on them but you should heavily scrutinize them.”

The solution: delete the message, block the number or email, and report it to Apple. Gray says do not click the link and enter your information.

How to protect yourself from spimming (source: Network World)

  • Don’t click links in text messages, especially from someone you don’t know
  • Don’t respond to text messages that request private or financial information
  • If you get a message that appears to be from a bank or other financial institution, check with them to determine if it’s legitimate
  • Beware of messages from numbers like “5000” that aren’t an actual cell phone number
  • Never call a phone number from an unknown texter

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