Doctors say new FDA approved tablets could cure some allergies

AUSTIN (KXAN) – There is a new set of tablets out that could help with certain allergies.

Doctors say the FDA approved tablets, which dissolve under the tongue, are still fairly new on the market. The tablets called Ragwitek, Grastek and Oralair target ragweed and grass allergies.

Dr. Alexander Alvarez with the Allergy & Asthma Consultants says these tablets are a good option for those who hate shots and can’t go to see a doctor regularly. “They are a cure in a sense for allergies,” Dr. Alvarez explained, “They make it so that your body no longer has those allergic reactions that it would have to the pollen.”

It’s called Sublingual Immuno-therapy and benefits patients that have that particular allergy. It’s also prescription only right now, but covered by insurance.

Sam Williams joined a group for a game of Spikeball in Zilker park Tuesday afternoon.  She says she can last until her allergies flare up, “If I stay outside for too long my ears start itching and the back of my throat will get scratchy,” Williams said.  She’s allergic to ragweed and takes several pills a day, but now she has the tablets as another option. “If we could come up with a tablet that would help fight all that so that I can stay outside longer I’d be down,” said Williams.

Dr. Alvarez says the key is starting early. He recommends about two months before the ragweed and grass allergy season starts. The FDA is expected to approve cedar tablets next.

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