Childhood home gone, Fire sparks investigation by Georgia Power

GEORGIA. – A home full of childhood memories for Sarah Gordon gone in an instant. She received a phone call from her neighbor that her beloved house, off of Mell St., caught fire and those memories burned with it.

“This is a family’s home,” Gordon said. “I grew up in it, my older cousins, my mother, my uncles and it was the house that was passed down from my grandmother to me. It’s our safe haven.”

Gordon said the power had been out at her home from the storm and a tree had been laying on the power line.

“When I asked the gentleman could I talk with him and I just basically wanted to ask him was it safe to cut the power lines hangin down like that, but I assumed he didn’t have time to talk about that,” Anthony Oliver, Gordon’s neighbor who tried to stop the workers, said.

Georgia Power had been working in the area and once they decided to flip the power on a spark turned Gordon’s home into a mess.

“I told the gentleman ‘Hey, this house is on fire on the side here.’ So he came and got the fire extinguisher and he put it out right here,” Oliver said.

But Gordon said that effort wasn’t enough.

“By the time he got out to call the fire department and by the time they wind the hose at the end of the street down there, basically the house had been burned from the back to the front,” Oliver said.

The flames had entered the home and it was too late for anyone to do anything about it.

“When I came it was just like the last big memory I had of her was burning,” Gordon said.

Gordon has reached out to Georgia Power and so has News 3.

Officials released this statement:

Georgia Power works to thoroughly investigate any property damage report submitted. Throughout its history, the company has been successful in satisfying its customers by resolving claims where property damage is determined to be our responsibility.

Natural disasters like hurricanes often damage electrical equipment and connections in or on the home. After storms and power outages, Georgia Power regularly cautions customers to turn off appliances and, when damage is present, to have their electrical system repaired by a licensed electrician and inspected before service is restored.

Georgia Power continues to follow-up on various customer requests following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew. We are aware of the location referenced and are currently in touch with the customer, reviewing the case and gathering facts.

“Just hoping that they admit fault and just rebuild my home, so me and my children could come back home, because there’s no place like home,” Gordon said.

Georgia Power plans to conduct a full investigation and see what they can do to solve this problem.

Right now, the family is staying elsewhere.

There is a gofundme account set up for the family. Just click here if you would like to donate.

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