6 unreasonable fees you should avoid

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Unreasonable fees are more than just a drain on your finances; they provide little or nothing in return. Here is a list of some of the most unreasonable fees that you should avoid.

Baggage fees

The first three unreasonable fees all have to do with airlines. Major airlines often charge baggage fees — $25 to check one suitcase and a lot more if it’s oversized. This fee didn’t exist until recent years and it provides air carriers with a lot of money. Two airlines, Southwest and JetBlue, don’t charge this fee for the first bag. Southwest will even let you check two bags free.

Carry-on bag fee

At least when you pay to check a bag, there’s a service involved. Someone has to load it, unload it and make sure it gets safely back into your hands. Charging for a carry-on bag is charging for nothing whatsoever. Nobody is touching your bag but you. Airlines that charge this fee include Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines. Try to avoid airlines that charge such fees unless you get a deal so good that it compensates for the cost.

Lap-fee for children on flights

If you have a child younger than two, it’s typically free to carry them on your lap for a domestic flight. Leave the country, however, and you might pay a “lap fee” of 10 percent of the ticket cost. You pay the fee despite the fact that the airline is performing no service, giving no extra room and no assistance — nothing.

Car rental insurance coverage

At the rental car check-out, they’ll want to charge you a fee for collision damage. It can cost $25 a day. Add extra liability coverage and you could be paying $40. To work around these fees, if you have full-coverage insurance on your personal car, you’re probably covered when you rent. Check with your insurer to be sure.

Overdraft fees

If you overdraw an account and the bank uses its money to cover your negative balance, it deserves to be compensated. But how much? Overdraft fees often cost in the neighborhood of $30 to $35 nationwide. To prevent incurring such fees, link your savings account to your checking account for overdraft protection. This might result in a transfer fee, but it will be lower than an overdraft fee.

Hotel Wi-Fi fees

When the internet and Wi-Fi were new, perhaps it was justifiable to charge a fee to access them. These days, charging for internet access makes as much sense as charging for the in-room TV or air conditioning. If you can’t find a hotel with free Wi-Fi, ask to have the fee waived when you check in.

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