Woman Seeks Help, Living in Tent

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Imagine filing a claim on your home after an adjuster told you it was a total loss, but you haven’t received a dime from your insurance company. That’s what Marie Redmond, the Savannah homeowner, said happened to her.

“I can’t believe that the insurance company has let me go for two weeks,” Redmond said. “I was very early to call. The same day as the storm I called and got my claim number.”

Redmond was inside her home when a tree came crashing down.

“The living room and the kitchen had caved in and all the contents from the attic came down,” Redmond said.

She and the five dogs were in the bedroom that wasn’t touched at all and made it out safely, but her home is destroyed. She called her agent at All Risks Insurance that was set up through Geico to sort things out.

“And they promised a living expenses check that never came,” Redmond said.

And the amount she could potentially get back is still in question.

“No one can give me an answer, although I have asked that question,” Redmond said.

She then applied for FEMA in hopes to get more assistance, but received a letter in the mail from them denying her the support she needs.

“The letter I got today said I was denied for assistance because I have insurance,” Redmond said.

Redmond even tried staying with a friend to avoid the tent. But once the property owners found out two of the dogs were pitbull mixes she was turned away and has been left with no where else to go.

“I did move somewhere, but was ran off because of the dogs,” Redmond said.

We have reached out to the insurance company and are waiting to hear back. If you would like to help, please email us at breakingnews@wsav.com.

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