Man Stuck in Storm Drain

A fire crew in Arizona had to carry out an unusual rescue Monday night… after a man got stuck in a storm drain.

A big storm hit Monday evening, and it dropped a lot of rain.  Well during this storm, the man dropped his phone.  When he tried to retrieve it, he got caught and trapped in a storm drain.

In the video, you can see the main who is seen shirtless.  He was able to walk away, apparently unscathed.  He wasn’t treated for any injuries or taken to the hospital.

He walked away just fine.  His phone, however, did not make it.

Now while this rescue was a bit unusual, many are actually trapped in storm drains every year.  As a matter of fact, a homeless man in Nashville, TN, claims to have been trapped in one for four days.

It happened about a year ago when a man was heard yelling.  A storm hit, and the man says he fell into a storm drain.  After travelling forward for more than a quarter of a mile, the storm drain began to narrow, and he got stuck about five feet from the exit.

Crews had to dig down to the concrete and break it apart.  The crew then carefully got the man out.  As you can imagine, the many was pretty scratched up.

What’s worse is that it started raining again just as the man was rescued, which could have caused a very different ending.

Now it may seem like common sense in this story… the first man shouldn’t have gone after his phone.  But experts say moving water is deceptively deadly.  Water less than a foot deep flowing at just two miles per hour can sweep an adult off their feet.

(sources:  NBC News, NOAA)

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