Hilton Head artist offering respite for kids, parents

HILTON HEAD, S.C. – In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, many people are coming forward to offering what talents and resources they have to help their neighbors in need.

Some offer chainsaws, pickup trucks, and physical strength to help with the cleanup.

Ginny Whitehead offers paintbrushes and pipe cleaners.

Whitehead is the owner of Art Cafe on Hilton Head Island. She felt convicted after the community has supported her pottery and art studio for more than 15 years to offer what she had to help families.

“Bring the children into the art cafe to help parents, to help the parents mend their own homes and our community to go out to go out into the community. [To]bring the children here as a safe haven,” Whitehead said.

Parents can drop off their children for a two hour session to paint and do crafts. Whitehead says there is a $5 suggested donation but she says they are flexible to a family’s needs.

All proceeds go toward the Disaster Relief of the Low Country. Whitehead said other pottery studios around the country heard about the project and have pitched in to help.

“It’s been amazing the amount of support we’ve gotten  from other pottery studios around the country. That have donated their crafts, their pottery for us to use, as well,” Whitehead said.

She says so far more than 60 children have participated in the program.

If you are interested in participating call 843-785-5525.


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