Savannah NAACP meets last time before polls open for elections

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – It’s less than three weeks until the general election.

That’s why the the Savannah branch of the NAACP is using their monthly meeting to talk helping people to the polls and encouraging them go out and vote.

This will be the final meeting and gathering of the Savannah NAACP before polls open on election day.

Members talk elections and the year long process they have done to educate and motivate voters to the polls. Many members in the organization point to the low voter turnout in the Chatham county May primaries, they say now that early voting is underway, people need to turn their focus back on casting their ballots.

” We spent the entire spring and summer registering people who are not registered. We’ve tried to educate people in terms of the issues, and no we are asking our citizens to go out to the polls and vote,” says Savannah branch NAACP vice president Richard Shinhoster.

The group is offering rides to early voting locations if you cannot make it to a poll you can call the local NAACP office at 912-233-4161 to set up a trip to go vote.

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