Volunteers begin work clearing Girl Scouts camp on Rose Dhu Isle

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Rose Dhu island has been home to The Girl Scouts of America  for more than sixty years.

It’s historic grounds took a major hit from hurricane Matthew and now clean up efforts are the responsibility of scout leaders and volunteers.

“I drove onto the camp and saw these huge three, four hundred year old trees and it broke my heart,” says adopt a camp team member Diana McDaniel who frequently comes to the camp for clean ups as well as tours.

Girl scout leaders could not enter their Rose Dhu island camp for days following hurricane Matthew. Once they could enter, the damage was surreal.img_2402

“It’s going to cost too much to get these trees down and insurance pays for so much but we’re going to have to pick up the rest,” says Girl Scouts of Historic Coastal Georgia CEO Sue Else

The more than three hundred acre island was littered with hundreds of downed trees. One hundred and fifty and counting that blocked camp trails and damaged places where campers sleep.

“We have to clean the trees before we can open back up,” Else adds.

The Girl Scouts have had the help from insurance but now the remaining clean up is up to whoever can make it out the island with a saws or a trailer.

“It’s going to take so much man power and woman power, we need equipment you know we just don’t have the kind of equipment to really handle these trees or the size of these trees,” says the CEO.

The Girl Scouts believe it will take a month to make the camp safe again to host a troupe. The camp not only caters to the coastal Georgia troupes but those nation wide. Now a group that does so much to help the next generation of women is in need of some help of their own.girl scouts1

“We’ve seen the bad but we’re going to turn it into good,” McDanial adds.

The volunteers will be back out Sunday to continue work. Anyone interested can go to the island off 1912 Rose Dhu road and the volunteers are in need of heavier equipment like a Bobcat to help carry the larger tree debris.

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