Tree threatens home, not on homeowner’s property

LIBERTY CITY, Ga. – “We won’t hear the tree fall,” Gary McMillan, the homeowner’s son, said. “We’ll just feel it fall and it’s a direct hit on the backside of the house.”

A large branch is feet away from falling on the den of a Liberty City home, but its trunk is in the backyard of their neighbor’s house. People the family hasn’t seen since the last Monday.

“The tree fell on this man’s house right here on the back side, then had video of the pecan tree that caught the tree that was falling towards my mother’s house,” McMillan said.

His mother told News 3 she figured they couldn’t live in the home with a tree on it so they’d give it some time, but the threat of the other branch grew and they knew they needed to find help.

The family found out who lived there, but couldn’t find a way to contact them.

They also tried calling insurance companies and even a lawyer, but struck out.

So they did what city leaders told residents to do in situations like this and called 311.

“Called the insurance company, All State, and I believe she called 311,” McMillan said. “Whoever with the hurricane disaster relief people. I believe she called everybody.”

We were listening as McMillan’s mother called 311. They told her there was nothing they could do.
They said there isn’t a code for trees in the city of Savannah, only on shrubs and grass.

Instead, they advised her to call the tax commission office to try and find a better way to contact the property owner.

“Bein in the kitchen or the den right here — if that tree falls, then we can’t hear it,” McMillan said. “And that’s probably the most unnerving thing.”

The homeowner was finally able to get in contact with her neighbor by leaving her a letter. The tree will be torn down as soon as possible.

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