Westlake owners submit restoration plan for complex

SAVANNAH, Ga. – More than a week after the Westlake Apartment complex was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, the complex owners submitted a request to restore the apartments.

HUD and state leaders were projected to speak with the owners, TreeTop Development, Wednesday about the future of the complex.

Jereon Brown, a HUD spokesman, said TreeTop Development has submitted a complete restoration plan to include air quality testing for mold in all 100 units at Westlake.

Right now, contractors are on site, but FEMA has also stepped in to assess the damage of all the units.

Brown said HUD will review the plan and send their own team to inspect all repairs made by the contractors.

The Aspen Companies, tied to TreeTop Development, released this statement Wednesday afternoon about the property:

We are continuing to take significant steps, working closely with FEMA, HUD and the Red Cross, to ensure the safety of our residents and that all damage at the property caused by Hurricane Matthew is repaired as soon as possible. We have a contractor on site this week, who has begun repair work within several of the residences. However, we were not able to begin work in all units, as a number of residents requested that we wait to access their homes until FEMA assessed the damages they sustained in the storm. We expect to gain access to additional apartments today and through the remainder of the week to perform the necessary repairs.


In addition, the Red Cross was on site at the property today assisting our residents with filling out their damage reports. With that information now in hand, we hope to have an easier time gaining access to their residences to make repairs.


We have also called in additional maintenance personnel, who are at the property this week assisting our on site maintenance team with work orders and repairs. This includes storm-related repairs, as well as any day-to-day issues that may arise. After HUD inspections of the property this week, it was determined that it would be best to temporarily relocate residents of seven apartments in the building while repairs are taking place. We have accommodated these residents at a nearby hotel. Our property manager will continue to notify residents as repair work at the property progresses and keep them apprised of the expected time-frame for completion of repairs.”


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