Westlake declared disaster area by FEMA

SAVANNAH, Ga. – FEMA teams inspected the Westlake Apartment where they discovered mold and other issues with the homes.

Meanwhile contractors are tearing them apart in preparation to restore the flood prone complex.

“They’ve started gutting out the walls, they’ve taken all of the items out that we were supposed to do and sat them on the curb,” Amanda Jones, a Westlake resident, said. “The floors are completely moldy.”

In a meeting with state leaders, HUD and Congressman Buddy Carter Monday night, Carter expressed how this shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

“It’s hard to believe that Westlake actually had a review here recently that got a 100%,” Carter said.  “How that could of happened is beyond anyone.”

And residents agree.

“The roof has been leaking for a year,” Jones said. “The breaker box, electricians came out and physically removed her meter because it was unlivable because the breaker box was frying on the inside and she had been living there, but they knew of these issues. These aren’t new issues.”

News 3 found HUD, who pays the rent for the complex, uses its Real Estate Assessment Center to inspect the properties. They said Westlake was last inspected on July 7th, 2014. We are waiting for the report.

Either way, residents said the inspection was still unacceptable.

“We have no update about what’s going on,” Jones said. “They gave some of the people that is much worse off than others hotel rooms, but we’re getting no updates. Everything is tight lipped. I’m assuming they don’t want to count their chickens before they hatch.”

An issue state leaders said they’re determined to look into.

“That is something that’s going to be looked at as well,” Carter said.

Even though contractors have torn down walls, stripped the insulation and worked to destroy all of the mold that one question still remains — how will this protect them come the next heavy rainfall?

“All of this used to be a pond,” Charita Brown, the mother of a resident, said. “A pond. A lake. And they had the nerve to put housing project on it. Before they put the housing project on it they should’ve built it up so nothing could happen to these places thinking people have places to go.”

State leaders are expected to speak with property owners, Treetop Development, Wednesday morning about the complex. We have tried to reach out to the company, but have to yet to hear back.

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