Liberty City church readies to open doors as temporary shelter for the still displaced

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Neighbors impacted by the storm in Liberty City, Lamarville and Westlake have some relief on the way.  One church is planning to open it’s doors for those displaced, with the help of the Red Cross.

If you drive around Liberty City along Mills B Lane you can’t miss it. End time Commission Church has set up camp on it’s campus to serve those in damaged homes and now they’re looking to bring people in.

“What we’re doing is allowing our church to be open for people to stay here for the next week,” says Pastor Larenda King. img_2396

Red cross volunteers help unload water, survival buckets and plan to bring in cots to house several families like those in the Westlake apartments.

“We do know that they have needs we have a shower in the church we have a kitchen, and we have people that are willing to help,” King adds.

The church plans to house people either in their classrooms or the sanctuary. img_2397

“Right now it’s to make sure that they have food, a good environment to just unwind for a second and just to love on them and just to let them know the community does care.”

Church members are also considering opening their own homes for those displaced.

“Whatever we can help at the capacity we can help, we’ll help and then we are hoping that other churches will step in and do their part to as well as other organizations in the city.”

The church is located off of Mills B Lane in front of the Liberty City community center. They plan to host a movie night Tuesday for any of families in the area who are still displaced. You can find contact information on the church’s social media page.

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