Apartment Complex Residents Left High and Dry after Matthew

Hilton Head island is known for its high end rentals and beautiful beaches, restaurants and bars.

But there are many folks who don’t have money or fancy homes here. They work in those spots to make ends meet. Now Hurricane Matthew has left them high and not so dry.

Tabby Walk is a 112 apartment complex filled mostly with construction workers, servers and hospitality workers.

They evacuated when the Governor told them to, but came back to a foot of water, and unlivable homes.

Now they are asking for help, and some idea what to do next.

“Its your home but it doesn’t seem to be your home anymore,” explained Jack McDonough.

Jack McDonough’s home is now concrete floors and piles of belongings on the sidewalk. He came back almost a foot of water in his living room and bedroom

“where have you been living?’
“Here,” explained Jack.

“Here. with no floor?”

“no anything.”

Jack spent every dollar making sure he and his 2 year old daughter were safe from the storm. The same storm which has now left his family homeless, and with waterlogged memories.

“We lost my grandparents dining room table, couches, chairs, everything. This place was filled. Its empty now,” said an emotional McDonough.

An empty feeling at least 40 other people here have. You can see the signs everywhere. Piles of wet insulation, furniture, anything which was inside the apartments, now just trash outside.

“We’ve had mud up to 16 inches that we have had to shovel out. we’ve had water up in most of the unit to the lagoon,” explained Don Brashears, Tabby Walk HOA president. “During the storm one of the people that stayed here say the alligators were up walking around the parking lot.”

Now the only people walking around are the workers trying to clean up or fix up these places people call home. The drywall is being torn out and the floors dried out. The hardest part of clean up is getting people out. Some have a language barrier, most just because they have no place to go.

“These people work locally, they do not work long distance and they want to stay on the island they want to keep their jobs on the island,” said Brashear. “They need to make money. their kids go to school on the Island.”

Kids and parents, some who’ve been sleeping in their cars because a trip to a shelter on Lady’s Island an hour away is not possible. The same People who still have their faith..

“There are neighbors with a tree went through their roof,” says McDonough as he points out his own window. “How fortunate at least i have the four walls. So at least i have that. So i cant say i feel this because there are so many others worse off than i am.”

There is a shelter for folks here but its an hour away in Lady’s island and many can’t do the drive or spent all their money on the evacuation and can’t afford the gas. They are hoping churches and people will step up, because folks here could be out of their homes for up to three months

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