Tremont Park neighbors struggling with flood damaged homes

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Neighbors in Tremont park  are dealing with flood damage and mold left behind by the storm.

Multiple homes have been damaged and in one case, an elderly woman has been displaced while volunteers and her family replace the walls and bleach the home. Her next door neighbor is still struggling.

“When I walked into my home I saw there was debris in my home and it was full of water.”

More than a week since the storm and Sharon Smith’s home is getting worse.

“The floor is messed up in all rooms, in all of my rooms in the house my floor is messed up,” says Smith.

She evacuated the morning of the hurricane. She left and the water came, several feet in fact came into several homes along Nash avenue at Corvair avenue.

“I don’t know if I can survive this,  I have allergies and like I said I have a heart problem and it’s really getting into my lungs,” Smith adds.

Smith now sleeps in the back part of the house, which is tile and not as damaged as the front.

“‘Is it hard to sleep?’ It is, at night I cough all night long,” she says.

During the past week she and neighbors tried cleaning out water logged furniture. they’ve sprayed the floors with bleach.

“My neighbor Kevin has been so grateful to help me to clean my house, to pull the carpet up and do whatever he can for me and I greatly appreciate that but I still need more help.”

Smith is uncertain what the future of her family home will be.

“I just really don’t know what’s going to happen next.”

We have reached out to the areas alderman for possible help. Although the city cannot do much for a private home, Smith says that city staffers did come by and placed her home on a list that they say goes to CEMA that could lead to her receiving some aid.

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