State leaders react to Westlake Apartment dilemma

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “These conditions are unsanitary,” Representative Buddy Carter, Georgia (R), said. “It’s uninhabitable.”

Carter is referring to the Westlake Apartments. After a meeting with other state legislators, the Red Cross and HUD Monday night they’ve decided to take action.

“Making sure that they get this assistance and get it immediately is going to be a top priority,” Carter said.

However, some residents said they aren’t making them that high of a priority

“I’m very grateful, but it’s like how do you want me to go in a tub that I can’t wash my kids in because there’s spider webs and spiders,” Tiarra Williams, a Westlake resident, said. “That’s the same thing we have to deal with out here.”

These residents have been relocated to hotels in the area until Thursday. Contractors assessed the property Monday and the manager sent out a letter stating they’d be making repairs Wednesday morning starting at 9:00 a.m., but one resident said that’s not an option.

“It’s patch up work and all it’s gonna do is keep happening,” Williams said. “This is my second flood and I’m really not trying to put up with going back into Westlake without them either tearing it down.”

Work Carter said he’s not sure he wants done.

“Evidently it was built in a flood plain and if this is the case I’m certainly not going to be in favor of spending taxpayers’ money to rebuild a place that’s in a flood plain,” Carter said. “They may need to just demolish it, start all over in another place that’s not going to be prone to flooding.”

Flooding that will continue no matter what.

“We’re gonna get flooded out,” Williams said. “We get flooded out with a little bit of rain, so what you think Hurricane Matthew did? It just took us off the map.”

Only one question remains for those who live below sea level.

“Where are we going to go? They’re starting on the apartments Wednesday, so what are y’all going to do? Move us to another hotel or what? That place we’re staying at is not even up to par,” Williams said.

Like the rest of Chatham County, Carter is waiting to hear back on FEMA assistance, which he said will take a few more days.

They also have a meeting with the main owners TreeTop Development, on Wednesday.

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