Chatham County Annex evacuated after gas leaked from fire suppression system

UPDATE: Emergency crews have determined that the building is safe for re-entry.  911 workers are transitioning back into the annex.


SAVANNAH, Ga. – The Chatham County Annex, which houses SCMPD 911 call center on Chatham Parkway, was evacuated Monday morning.

Around 9:35am employees reported and strange smell and complained of eye nose and throat irritations.  Savannah Fire Hazmat crews were called in and found the irritant to be part of the fire suppression system.

14 people were treated on scene and two people needed to go to the hospital for further evaluation.

The facility houses a variety of services, including a county tag office, the SCMPD West Precinct and emergency communications. Dispatch personnel relocated emergency communications and the 911 system to the Emergency Coordination Center at the Savannah Civic Center. SCMPD relocated its precinct operations to alternate sites.

Officials with Savannah Fire say the building will be closed until it’s cleared by emergency officials.

Emergency crews responding to 911 call center


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