Majority of Savannah churches reopen one week later, share message of giving

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – It marks the first day many are able to wake up on a Sunday morning, go to their place of worship and remember the good deeds that came out of the destruction caused by hurricane Matthew.

News 3 stopped in one service that shared a sermon today of community.

“When you’ve got tragedy if you can just have somebody to tell you you can do it. To pick you up and tell you ‘come on I’m going to help you to do it’ and I believe all over the city that’s the word today,” says church pastor James Rodgers

It’s a sermon many places of worship are sharing one week after making it through the storm. Jonesville Baptist Church had a flooded sanctuary and lost a church member as a result of the storm– but the message they shared surrounded recovery and helping those in need.

“We watch with the effort that we make assisting others helping others, helping others to recover that we recover ourselves,” the Pastor adds.

Pastor James Rodgers and Savannah mayor pro tem Carol Bell addressed the efforts to help those in the Westlake apartments not far from the church.

“There are individuals who saw the telecast on Tuesday night regarding Westlake and there have been so many calls and emails and text messages,” says Alderman-At-Large Carol Bell

The church held an extra offering to fund towards more clothing and supplies to those who lost nearly everything in the storm.

“One thing I want people to understand is that you’re the answer to someone’s problem, you’re the solution to someone’s problem so give what you can and not only once they are put back together, they’re made whole, still reach out to them,” says church member Sarita Pittman.

Savannah enters it’s second week rebuilding from the storm. Churches like Jonesville will continue to push  the message for neighbors to recover by helping others get their lives back to normal.

“I know that the Mayor has spoken to a number of pastors during the course of the week I know that we will continue that drive talking to pastors asking them to keep this on the forefront of their agendas at their churches.”

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