Richmond Hill’s Resilience After The Hurricane

Richmond Hill, GA – In their own words Richmond Hill residents talked about why it was so important for their Wildcats to play on Thursday night.

“I love that this community is like hey let’s come out. Let’s have a day. Let’s celebrate that we’re still here. I mean you can’t blow away the spirit of this community,” said Amanda Rennie a Richmond Hill band booster.

“Because after the devastation that Hurricane Matthew created along this coast and to be able to see our community come back. The kids really needed this. This is truly what it’s all about coming out here and being able to play a little high school football on Thursday night,” said Richmond Hill Athletic Director Mickey Bayens.

Richmond Hill head coach Matt LeZotte passionately told his players what they mean to him before the game.

“Guys you impact me every day. Every day and I love you for it. I love you for it. Family on three! Family on three! One! Two! Three! Family!”

“It’s more important to the community that they see their children, their lives getting back to normal. Not just the football players but the band, the cheerleaders, the drill team, the band boosters and the concessions. Now they know that life is back to a normal cue. That’s what resilience truly is the desire to come back as strong or stronger than before the hurricane,” said Richmond Hill Public Address Announcer Steve Kollman.

To make the night even more special the Richmond Hill game versus Bradwell Institute was televised on the Thursday Night Blitz on WSAV.

“We certainly appreciate WSAV being your Thursday night game of the week, and we’re excited. Like I said, Richmond Hill high school, Richmond Hill community is all about bringing WSAV to the town,” said Bayens.

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