Pin Point neighbors receive their community aid, surpassing hopes and expectations

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – A week ago many people were trying to return to their homes here in Chatham county. Some waking up to no power and also no way to leave their neighborhood because of trees of downed power lines.

That was the case in historic Pin Point and after our story now the community has seen a major outpouring of support.

“When you came through here, I couldn’t believe it you wouldn’t even know where you were,” says Pin Point neighbor Tina Wingster.

That’s because even five days after the storm, Pin Point neighbors had one way in and one way out having to dodge downed power lines. They had yet to see any help and had no hope for any outside aid.

“I was telling everybody probably ten to fifteen days before we even get lights, but and that was the pace we were on until you guys came out, interviewed us and all of a sudden everybody started rolling in, calling ‘hey what can we do to help.'” says Henri Cruse who had been cleaning the road in Pin Point with his dad two days before our cameras arrived.

That ten to fifteen days ended up only being seven as power is now restored to many homes in the area, but running and clean water are still issues for some neighbors.

“Everything is just coming together, we have a long way to go we understand that but man we are so much further than where we were,” Cruse adds.

The Pin Point community hall is now full of food and supplies that people like Connie Polk started bringing in as early as Thursday.

“I’d say there’s an awful lot of love out here, it’s a community that when we came out yesterday we were concerned that too many people would come to help because they are very proud and they are very private,” says Polk who lives around the Daffin Park area.

Now the area is seeing weekend crowds that rival the areas annual seafood festival, but these people that came from as far as Hinesville are here not for food, but to help this historic community now in recovery.

“I think no body is ever going to forget Pin Point ever again I think they’re always going to remember this community,” says Polk.

Cruse says the Pin Point Community hall will now serve as a station for those in neighboring communities to come get essential items that they need in terms of clean water and food.

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