Westlake residents still struggle to find shelter help

SAVANNAH, Ga – “She spoke with the owner of the property and he told her no,” Olivia Johnson, a Westlake resident, said. “We would not have no rooms. You basically have to stay in this condition.”

Frustration boils within residents at Westlake Apartments as they have unlivable homes with nowhere else to go. And they said the company owner, aspen properties, is doing nothing about it.

“Something needs to be done today,” Johnson said. “Not tomorrow, not Sunday and not Monday. You wouldn’t want your child in this, so take our children out of this community.”

Residents say they were told there would be hotels for them to stay in over the weekend. As of Friday night, all of that changed. They said the property owners refused to pay for rooms.

“I have green mold on my couch, standing up out the carpet and I also have mold coming out my carpet,” Johnson said. “It’s still wet when I walk. It’s still water splashing all over my legs. This is ridiculous.”

Conditions no one wants to live in.

“Everybody out here needs to be moved from out here,” Shamekia Wright, another Westlake resident, said. “Units is being condemned.”

Even after a city employee inspected the apartments labeling them unlivable.

“They stated yesterday that it’s 92% mold inside these apartments,” Johnson said. “Why are we here? Why are we here?”

An issue that has built up over the past few years.

“Before the storm they came to my house, diagnosed my home with 67 violations,” Wright said. “After those 67 violations then you got hurricane coming now I’m completely out of housing.”

Housing dozens of families no longer have and there’s nothing they can do but spread the word and hope for resolution.

“The government pays these people for nothing, because they’re not doing anything so somebody needs to do something,” Wright said.

Shelters have been offered to these families, but that would require them to stay there all weekend long.

Family members say they’re concerned for their children’s safety and there’s no way to get them to school come Monday.

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