Long post office lines, Forced to get mail from Wilmington

WILMINGTON ISLAND, Ga. – Hour long lines is what Tybee Islanders stand in while waiting to get their mail.

They now have to go to the Wilmington post office since Tybee’s was ruined from the storm.

The Tybee office has extensive interior and exterior damage. An insurance agent at the site says the building needs new floors and a roof.

In the meantime, islanders have to wait in long lines while the postmen search and organize hundreds of pieces of mail.

“We need to have more help out here for our guys that are givin the mail out, because that’s what’s taking so long. And they also need the help to get the process back there when the mail comes in,” Cyndi Clements, a Tybee resident, said.

The Tybee office will be closed for several weeks, possibly 4 to 6 weeks to be exact.

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