Beaufort convenience centers reopen

BEAUFORT, S.C. – Beaufort County officials say they are openin some convenience centers in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The following centers swill be open from 7:30am until 7:00pm.

  • Big Estate, 63 Big Estate Road
  • Coffin Point, 10 Cee Cee Road
  • Sheldon, 208 Johnson Road

The following Convenience Centers are already open:

  • Bluffton Convenience Center, 104 Simmonsville Road
  • Lobeco Convenience Center, 6 Keans Neck Road
  • Pritchardville Convenience Center, 270 Gibbet Road
  • Shanklin Convenience Center, 80 Shanklin Road
  • St. Helena Convenience Center, 639 Sea Island Parkway
  • Gate Convenience Center, 130 Castle Rock Road
  • Hilton Head Convenience Center, 26 Summit Drive

The Convenience Centers will only be accepting bagged, household garbage (Class 3). Residents should not bring Class 1 (yard debris) or Class 2 (construction debris) storm debris to the Convenience Centers at this time.

Residents should sort Class 1 and Class 2 debris into separate piles and leave it on the right of way / curb at their residence:

  • Class 1 debris includes tree limbs, leaves and tree logs cut into sections.
  • Class 2 debris includes building materials, drywall, lumber, carpet, furniture, mattresses, and plumbing items.

The County will issue a notice when collection of these materials starts again. Additional information can be obtained by calling the Solid Waste and Recycling Office of the Beaufort County Public Works Department for more information at 843-255-2736 or by clicking here.

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