Ministers unite to relieve communities

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The storm has passed, but what it left behind still remains a burden for many neighborhoods.

“All the areas are not having the same experience,” James Rodges, Jonesville Baptist Pastor, said. “Some areas are really struggling.”

Ministers from the Savannah area came together Thursday night as one to learn what the American Red Cross has to offer for their neighborhoods.

“We want to work along with the American Red Cross, because hurt has no denomination,” Thurmond N. Tillman, First African Baptist Pastor, said. “If I’m hurting I need help and how do I get the help that’s what we’re going to do.”

Help that will give communities a sense of relieve when it comes to any disaster.

“We want to serve the people,” Rodges said. “We want our community stronger and we know that the Red Cross is an entity that works to help and to bring people together.”

Not only are they getting what they need, but they’re also doing what they can to give back.

“We’re working together, helping to get volunteers, helping to address the needs of the community,” Tillman said.

Churches can help by becoming shelters for those in need and disaster responders.

“So when the Red Cross national is gone we have our Red Cross here that there are many more people who can help out with the everyday disasters that we have in our community,” Tillman said.

So they can stand up to any type of disaster and come together as one.

“Also showing the unity that’s needed in order to accomplish things because where there’s unity there’s always strength,” Rodges said.

American Red Cross is always in need of volunteers. If you would like to join in and help one of these many communities, then visit their website at

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