Storm cleanup, city officials update neighborhood leaders

SAVANNAH, Ga. – City officials brought neighborhood leaders together for an update on the cleanup process from Hurricane Matthew.

“It just reiterated the fact that this is going to be a long term cleanup process and that the residents need to be patient,” Melinda Allen, President of Historic Downtown, said.

Mayor DeLoach discussed how 15% of people are still without power and how the problem is almost fixed.

Another issue is tree debris and trunks that need a new home, which the city is willing to cleanup.

“Building materials, old appliances, anything like that that has been — is result to the storm should be set out on the curb or the right away,” Gene Prevatt, Savannah sanitation bureau chief, said.

Those bags of debris must sit at the normal collection site in front of your home. Tree service workers aren’t allowed to clean off the private property.

Officials also asked if people could keep the debris they collect in the bags.

“One of the things they reiterated was, and I think which most of us have been doing is blowing the leaves and debris into the street,” Allen said.

By blowing leaves into the street it could cause sewers to clog and more damage. It could even create more flooding down the road.

Officials added that sweepers are on an off schedule and not cleaning at normal times, so you might want to be aware of where you park.

“Which they said for the time being that you need use your common sense,” Allen said. “If debris is blocking half of a block, then you’re going to be able to park on the other side. So, that was good to hear.”

Good news for many, but this entire process will still take time.

“Probably going to be several months,” Prevatt said. “We have out debris management contractors on site. We are working to begin collection as soon as possible. That will probably be earlier next week.”

In that meeting officials stressed that if you have any issues related to the storm to call 3-1-1. Whether it’s a trunk you can’t move or it’s to report damages throughout the city they can help.

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