Residents: “There has been no one in Pin Point” in terms of county help for clean up

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – Neighbors in one historic Chatham county neighborhood like many have not had power since last Friday, but they’re more worried about still having trees blocking their road and driveways nearly six days after the storm.

The Pin Point neighborhood is home to a supreme court justice and in the last six days it’s been where neighbors sleep and wake up in homes completely in the dark.

“As you go down the road you can see it, everybody is doing just a little bit by a little bit,” says Henri Cruse who’s family has been in the area for decades.

It’s the fifth day for neighbors cleaning around their homes and pin point road, which is one way in and one way out now with still two massive trees blocking the way to Ferguson point2

“If you drive up and down this road you’ll see several driveways are blocked off people can’t even get in or out,” says Cruse.

Cruse alongside his father who was born and raised in the neighborhood clean with neighbors. In their five days of work, not a single county or private tree crew has come to help clear the road.

“I talked to one power guy and that was about 12:30 the night before last and he said that they were working their way here and we understand that everybody it’s not just us, but there hasn’t been anybody out here to survey to see the lines, you can see lines are down everywhere.”

While we were out in the neighborhood Georgia Power had one surveyor in the area. Not even seeing the half of Pin Point road we were on, he could already assess the entire neighborhood would have to be re-wired and a majority of the dozen power poles will have to be replaced.
pin point1
“I was back here in 79 when hurricane David was here and I was a young boy and I remember the devastation from that, that is nothing compared to what has happened here right now,” says Cruse.

Cruse understands the county and power companies are busy and are running on a schedule for repairs, but he feels the families and elderly in the historic neighborhood need help regardless of where it’s from.

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