Nicole gaining strength as the hurricane moves toward Bermuda

At 5:00 pm Hurricane Nicole was about 240 miles south southwest of Bermuda. Maximum sustained wind are at 110 mph, with stronger gusts. This makes Nicole a category 2 hurricane. The powerful storm is moving north at 10 mph. A turn toward the northeast and an increase in forward speed is expected in the 24 hours. On this track, the core of Hurricane Nicole is forecasted to pass near or over Bermuda on Thursday.


It is possible that this storm could continue to gain strength and hit Bermuda as a major hurricane.


Nicole is a textbook hurricane. The distinct eye can be seen on the satellite image below.


Tropical Storm force winds are expected as early as tonight in Bermuda, with hurricane force winds expected tomorrow. Dangerous storm surge as high at 6-8 feet is possible, with the addition of large and destructive waves. Bermuda can expect 4-8 inches of rain, but isolated areas could see even more. Isolated tornadoes are also possible tonight and tomorrow.

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