National Bully Prevention Month raises awareness at schools around the world

(NEWS10) – October is National Bully Prevention month. The goal is to raise awareness but to look at where we were on this issue in past years and where we are now and where we hope to be in the future.

Initially, it started as just National Bullying Day, which is Wednesday. But in the last ten years, it has grown to an entire month of education and awareness activities, and is being recognized by schools and communities, really across the world.

Studies have shown that some 57% of bullying situations stop when a peer intervenes on behalf of the student. And while that’s a number we want to continue to see rise, that 64% is the number we want to see drop.

64% is the amount of children who do not report bullying.

You may remember back in 2012 the “Dignity for All Students Act” was passed. It’s meant to help school districts create a safe and bully-free environment for all students.

And under the law, all schools have to report back to the state about the number of bullying cases they investigate.

It gives parents a chance to look at the numbers and where their child’s school stands.

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