Coligny Store Owner Goes Above and Beyond

Most folks left when the storm warning came on, but its what one Coligny Beach businessman did after the Hurricane hit for the folks that stayed, that has endeared him to the public for a long time.

“I came around the corner at like 10am and there are 60 people here,” remembers David Martin.

60 people lined up in the parking lot of Piggly Wiggly on the day after Matthew hit. Each one looking, hoping for the same thing, food.

It was food David Martin’s Coligny Beach supermarket Piggly Wiggly had, even if he had no power.

“We took people in one at a time with a flashlight, wrote down prices and took their money,” says Martin. “Some people paid, some people didn’t pay.”

But the money wasn’t why David Martin opened and walked each person through the store one by one. It was because the community needed it.

“They were desperate,” thinks Martin. “A lot of people had only bought enough for that one night thinking the storm wouldn’t be just like the other ones pass us by but it did not.”

A 47 year Hilton Head resident and business, Martin says he wasn’t going to let this storm pass by without helping the community. Even if he could barely see what he was selling or the people buying it.

“It seemed real natural.” said Martin. “It never seemed like wow, what am i doing.”

“We were able to calm down give us a lot of hope,” said Ellis Clemons, who was in that line on Sunday. “We are glad her cared because he didnt have to do that there was nobody.”

Ellis Clemons says there was nobody to help that day, but David Martin.

“I got in that line i was so happy,” smiles Clemons. “We were singing gospel, we took selfies.”

Barbara Danielson has worked at “the pig” for years. She wasn’t surprise the store was open, and the Martin’s making a difference. She says they are all about making a difference for their people, the people of hilton head.

“The community needed him and that’s the Martin family, the community needs him he’s here,” said Barbara Danielson.

Its a sentiment echoed by Martin himself.

“I would do the same thing over again,” smiled Martin. “I’m not stupid or some thrill seeker at all, i’m conservative but i just felt like i could do it.”

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