After Matthew: Insurance Companies Set up Mobile Claims Centers

The estimated damage from Hurricane Matthew up and down the East Coast is estimated at $10 billion with insurance companies liable for between $4 and $6 billion of that.  Thousands of those claims will be made in South Carolina and Georgia.

In the Savannah area, hundreds of trees came down in the wind.  “That’s really a lot of the damage that I’m seeing is trees on houses, trees crashing into roofs and windows that kind of thing,” says Justin Herndon from Allstate Insurance.

Allstate has set up a mobile claims center at Home Depot on Victory Drive.  It’s open from 8 am to 6:30 p.m.  “We’ll be here until every customer is serviced,” says Herndon.

You can also make a claim by phone by calling Allstate at 1-800-54 STORM (1-800-547-8676)

We also heard from State Farm Insurance which has set up a claims center at Lowe’s on Abercorn Street. However, they ask customers coming here to make an appointment first.

You can also make a claim with State Farm by calling 1-800-SF-CLAIM (1-800-732-5246) or go to

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