Identification for Hurricane Matthew relief workers

COLUMBIA, SC (WSAV) – The storm has passed but some are still faced with the grueling task of clearing debris. With natural disasters comes the risk of scams.

There will be thousands of disaster workers coming into the affected areas from all over the country.

South Carolina Emergency Management Department (SCEMD) was to ensure that you don’t fall victim to scams. This information is coming from SCEMD but can be applied to anyone living in an impacted area.

Remember to keep these things in mind:

  • Ask for proper identification of service providers.
  • Legitimate service providers will not ask for personal information such as the name of your bank, social security numbers or any other identifying information.
  • If you feel unsafe when individuals come upon your property, call 911 for local law enforcement assistance.

Any residents with questions about ongoing Hurricane Matthew response and recovery actions should call the toll-free South Carolina Public Information Phone System 1-866-246-0133.

Visit for more information from all state agencies that form the S.C. Emergency Response Team. Follow @SCEMD on Facebook and Twitter for continuous information.

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