Food Banks open up to give thousand box loads of food to those without power

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – Several local groups are doing their part to help by providing meals to those still without power.

America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia regained power Tuesday morning and all afternoon handed out boxes of food to those unable to cook in their homes or buy food.

“It really feels good to know what you’re doing is going to impact someone right here in our community that may have never needed a food bank before but right now they are looking to us to be their support system and we need to be that support system,” says the food bank’s executive director Mary Jane Crouch.

The food drive began around one and within two hours cars were wrapped around the food bank. We heard from many people in the line a lot without power and have been to stores to find shelves empty. The box of food and bread they say will be enough to help them get through until power comes back to their homes.

“Well it will help my niece she lives in a different area and my nephew he lives on a different street and I have a sister who is 78 years old so we’re going to share you know because we been hunkered down in one place together,” says Jeannette Howard who lives in Carver Village and was still without power.

The food bank intends to have another food drive Wednesday if they can collect enough food and volunteers for the event.

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