Disappointed, Officials view Westlake homes first hand

SAVANNAH, Ga. – “Between the county and the city we’ll put a thumb on it,” Mayor Eddie DeLoach, of Savannah, said.

“And pressure on the housing of urban development as well,” Yusuf Shabazz, County Commissioner, included. “Because this is a government funded program.”

This comes after officials toured the hallways, filled with water damaged items, and inside of the Westlake Apartments.

“You can’t breathe when you walk in there,” Tiarra Williams, a mother of three, said. “As soon as you walk in there you’re going to want to walk right back out.”

And that’s exactly what they wanted to do.

The homes reek of mold and mildew, which is an environment these families were told to live in based on a sheet of paper by their landlord.

“Clean with bleach, spray it down as much as I could and stay in here,” Rhonisha Williams, another mother, said.

Officials said this is and unacceptable for these families to have to live in terrible conditions.

“It’s not even governed by the Savannah housing authority,” Shabazz said. “Most of the residents out here are on a voucher out here.”

Making it even more difficult for these families to bare.

“It’s been tough,” Tiarra said. “It’s been really tough.”

It’s a problem that neighbors said has gone on for years.

These residents said they’ve had issues in the past with flooding because of rain caused the nearby lake due to an overflow.

An issue they’ve tried resolve.

Even though Hurricane Matthew was a curse to many — it could be a blessing to this neighborhood.

“It’s just good to be heard again,” Rhonisha said. “Maybe the storm will get everything together as a whole. Maybe this will resolve all our problems from here on out.”

Problems officials are determined to fix.

“Unless we shed light on it it will never change and I guarantee you it will…if you don’t keep a finger on it it will never change,” Mayor DeLoach said.

Those city officials are working with CEMA and the Red Cross to give these families a temporary place to stay.

They’ll also have to reach out to the parent owner, Aspen Management, to figure out how to make these apartments livable.

If you want donate to these families, then please click here for more information.

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