WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Storm debris cleanup in Chatham County

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. – Chatham officials released the following announcement concerning debris pickup and protocol:

“Chatham County is beginning its recovery process in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. Chatham County residents are asked to place any storm generated debris on the public right-of way. The public right-of-way is the area of residential property that extends from the street to the sidewalk, ditch, utility pole or easement. Keep vegetative debris (woody burnable debris such as limbs and shrubbery) separated from construction and demolition debris, as they will be collected separately. Bagged debris should not be placed on the public right-of-way. Only loose debris will be collected. Any roof shingles or tires resulting from Hurricane Matthew may be eligible for removal and should be separated at the curb. Do not place debris near any water meter vault, fire hydrant or any other above-ground utility. Only debris placed on the public right-of-way will be eligible for collection until further notice. If all debris is not picked up during the initial pass, please continue to push remaining debris to the right-of-way for collection on subsequent passes.

Chatham County has opened all three solid waste drop off locations: Chevis Road, Wilmington Island, and Sharon Park. These sites are only for residents. Commercial debris will not be accepted. The drop off centers will be open normal hours. For the schedule visit ChathamCounty.org.”

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