News 3 helps storm victim struggling with Matthew aftermath

SAVANNAH, Ga. – There are countless stories of survival and loss after Hurricane Matthew. News Three’s Martin Staunton learned of one situation Monday morning after a good Samaritan showed up at the WSAV studios. The story tip took us to The Cottages of Savannah on the East side of the Hostess City.

It’s where we found James Brown, sitting in tears on the curb near his home.  The 68 year old dishwasher had the look of a person carrying the weight of the world. The trouble facing Mr. Brown was a direct result of the storm, a street light pole landed on his car during the hurricane.

Brown stared helplessly at his only means of getting back and forth to work at a job where he’s worked for the last 31 years. This situation gave us the chance to live up to our mantra and show that News 3 really is on your side.

We facilitated the removal of the pole from Brown’s only means of transportation, with the help of Georgia Power.

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