Once flooded community seeks help in storm recovery

SAVANNAH – Ga. The Westlake Apartment community was destroyed by water from Hurricane Matthew and a nearby lake.

“When I first got back, the first day I couldn’t get back up in here because the water was like past all of the cars and in all of the hallways and trees was falling,” Siera Weaver, who lives in one of those apartments, said.

Now, some living rooms are full of puddles with furniture and toys soaked from the water.

“I came home to inside of my apartment it was water everywhere, in my closets and all clothes,” Melrose Thompson, who also lives in one of those apartments, said.

Kids at the complex are now in need of school supplies and uniforms since all of them are ruined because the storm was just too much.

“It’s like a lot of kids out here,” Weaver said. “It’s a lot. The flood brought all the mold, but there was mold already before the mold came.”

Families are trying to recover, but they need extra help. They’ve reached out to the landlord and maintenance and neighbors say they’ll do nothing about it.

“We’re trying to figure it out,” Weaver said. “Nobody has been given us no answers. They came around looking at the apartments.”

“We do need a little help out here,” Thompson said. “Food has got lost. We live like low income, so we get food stamps and we not able to be thowin away food.”

“They just saying they’re going to give us a call back and let us know if they’ve assigned to our area,” Weaver added. “Obviously nobody’s assigned because nobody has came yet.”

A disappoint as these people need food and a dry, safe, place to stay. They’re asking for any help they can get.

“I was just hopin that maybe the Red Cross or somethin could’ve came out here and gave some of us guys a hand,” Thompson said.

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