Clean up continues around Chatham County, a look at Wilmington Island

CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga (WSAV) – Crews are working around the clock on the islands to restore the power to thousands of homes.
we were there all afternoon and captured the work neighbors put in to help those who have had their lives changed forever.

“There’s one guy up the road his whole garage is caved in by a tree, big pine tree laying right on, caved it all the way in,” says Austin Jeffcoat as he cleans Cromwell road with a leaf blower.

It’s been an all day effort for every neighbor who can hold a leaf blower — broom- or chainsaw.

“Probably saw eight or ten homes with very very large trees on them, roofs crushed just houses ruined,” says Lamar Lester overlooking several white oaks hanging from power poles behind his family home.

What’s not ruined is the work of those on Wilmington island. Like a group of local students who are going around clearing those large trees on homes.

“We’ve been driving around today from house to house and we’ve already seen some places where we’re just like ‘the repair to that is just going to be devastating to the family you know’,” says Cody Ellsessor who has been out all day with his friends sawing trees.

“Devastating” would be the word many on the islands and around Chatham county use to describe the path hurricane Matthew left.

“Giant trees split, trees hanging on power lines, I’ve never seen anything like this,” Lester adds.

What Lamar Lester is also seeing is the help of his eighteen year old neighbor Glenn Frick who was at work before he was there — just like the work Austin Jeffcoat is doing for his neighbors as Cody and Matt are doing as well alongside their friends.

“We’ve got four people out here right here and now and we’ve done four houses,” says Matt Farthing who is cutting trees along side Ellsessor who adds that, “Yeah we’ve had four people who have made a difference on four houses imagine what the entire community can do.”

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