Tybee Island Clean Up on roads begins, long road ahead to regain power

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga (WSAV) – We had a first look at the aftermath of Hurrican Matthew on Tybee Island.

The island has been closed to the public all day Saturday as crews clean debris and the department of transportation assesses the safety of the roads and bridges.

A caravan first responders, clean up and rescue crews made their way to Tybee Island just eight hours after hurricane Matthew hit its shore.

“Rain was like a hundred miles an hour passing by but then we saw this huge the sky lit up a transformer blew up and everything went back then that’s when it got scary,” says Bonnie Miller who stayed on the island with her family.

By the time the sun set on the first day of Matthew’s aftermath roads are being clear of fallen trees. the island will be in the dark well into next week.

“Not just lines, poles that are down so it’s going to be a couple days minimum before power is restored and that brings up secondary issues like our lift stations for our sewage can’t be operated,” says Mayor Jason Buelterman

The public was stopped throughout the day and that will be the case until crews deem roads on the island and on the way there safe for travel.

“They’re not going to allow a lot of people a lot of cars a lot of traffic on those bridges until they’re one hundred percent sure that they are structurally sound,” adds the mayor.

Water remains in front yards – the fronts of business and the front of Tybee’s famed beach steamrolled from wind damage.

“Hundred year old trees that are uprooted and on people’s homes and the water, Jaycee park is now a pond so no I didn’t expect to see any of that,” Miller says.

When they come home islanders will see destruction but they will see that barely any homes on the island were destroyed or wiped away from Matthew.

“These are angry clouds and that’s beautiful sky and we survived,” says Miller, “They’ll pull together we’ll get this island cleaned back up and we’ll get ready for the next one.”

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