Governor Deal press conference on Hurricane Matthew

ATLANTA, Ga. – Governor Nathan Deal will be holding a press conference at 12:30pm on the latest state response to Hurricane Matthew.

Laid out an overview of what has happened since his 5pm presser yesterday.

Expert from La Corp of Engineers is in Atlanta lending expertise (because of experience with Katrina)

Deal spoke with governors of Florida and Texas… both offered help if we need it..

They said there are 9,000 people are in 30 shelters throughout the state. 4,000 beds still available.

Busses have helped take 5,000 people away from coastal Georgia

6,500 evacuees are in 50 state parks.

1,000 National Guard Soldiers are in the region.

Georgia DOT has 700+ personnel in area or ready to be in area… they are meeting at 7 am Saturday to access roads, bridges etc. bridges like Talmadge will need to be inspected before they are reopened.

Public health: 4 hospitals and 9 nursing homes evacuated. 1000 patients moved including 18 who needed to be air lifted. Memorial and St. Joe Candler in Savannah will shelter in place.

The call is going out for medical volunteers: if you can help visit


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