Mandatory evacuation issued for McIntosh County

This NOAA satellite image taken Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016 at 12:45 AM EDT shows widespread clear skies over much of the eastern United States as a ridge continues to remain across the region. A frontal boundary is seen moving eastward through central portions of the United States, however, extending from the Canadian border southward through OK. Frequent lightning and reports of hail are associated with this line of thunderstorms. Hurricane Matthew is also continuing its push northward, with the center now currently located just north of eastern portions of Cuba. (NOAA/Weather Underground via AP)

MCINTOSH CO., GA – (WSAV) The McIntosh Co. Board of Commissioners issued a mandatory evacuation for all of McIntosh County as of 5pm October 6, 2016.  All residents should evacuate as soon as possible.   The 8pm curfew will be lifted during the mandatory evacuation for the evacuees only and will be lifted at 8am October 7, 2016.  Hurricane Matthew remains a very dangerous system, and appears to be intensifying at present.  Should individuals choose to remain they are advised that emergency services may not be available during storm impact and afterwards.  The availability of emergency services applies to all areas of the county.  Catastrophic damage, including life-threatening floods from storm surge may occur throughout the mandatory evacuation area.  A Hurricane Matthew Hotline will be set up at the McIntosh County Emergency Operations Center.  If you have any questions please call 912-437-5170.

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