Edisto Beach prepares for Hurricane Matthew

(WCBD) – Edisto Beach was one of the areas hit the hardest during Tropical Storm Hermine. Wednesday afternoon, Edisto Beach was shut down. People were only allowed to leave the island, and police were turning away anyone trying to drive in. People were scrambling to get everything done, and they say they were under a time crunch.

One resident, Robert Harrell, says, “I think it’s too early. I’ve got places to be up here that I need to help get straight and ready for the storm and if I don’t get it done by 3 o’clock, I can’t get back down to my house to get myself packed up and get off the island. I think waiting til Thursday would’ve been much better for those of us on the island who have to get ready.”

Harrell manages a hardware store on Edisto. He says they are running out of supplies.

Harrell says, “It’s been fairly busy, selling screws, anything for tying stuff down. We’re out of ropes, ratchet straps, all that sort of thing.”

He says he plans to evacuate.

Harrell says, “Most people seem to be getting out.”

But Jerry Christenbury did the opposite, and drove to Edisto from the upstate last night.

Christenbury says, “We remember Hugo from when it came through and all the damage it did, and so we’ve been watching this for about a week.”

He owns a house on Edisto and drove down to get it storm ready.

Christenbury, “If it goes out to sea, great, we just wasted a little bit of time but it was fun anyway. But if it comes in, we’ve got a chance to save the inside of the house.”

He says the roof was damaged during Hermine, so he’s expecting a harder hit from Matthew.

Christenbury says, “We’ve got a contractor lined up to put the roof on, we just haven’t had a chance to get it done, which is probably a good thing because I am sure we are going to lose shingles this time.”

Edisto Beach will not allow anyone to enter the island until the hurricane has passed.

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