Partial evacuation leaves transportation resources idle

(SAVANNAH) The partial evacuation order issued for Chatham County due to Hurricane Matthew is not enough to trigger emergency transportation. County Commission Chairman, Al Scott says Tybee Island and the area east of the Wilmington River are being evacuated due to Hurricane Matthew. In the event of a county-wide evacuation, residents without transportation are asked to gather at the Savannah Civic Center between Liberty and Oglethorpe Avenues.
In a news conference today, Scott was asked directly about people in the activated evacuation zones, who have no means to leave.

“We urged the folk at Tybee, especially senior citizens who are out there to evacuate them and I think the Mayor is on top of that, making certain that he gets everybody off. I’m certain they will provide necessary transportation if they need it.” Scott answered. “Well if you’re disabled, you can call Teleride for instance, which is funded by the county, it’s not operated by the county. It’s operated by CAT, but it’s funded by the county and they will provide you transportation off the islands.” said Scott.

CEMA’s directions for people without transportation are part of the Hurricane Preparedness page at their website.



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