Closing, Businesses prepare for Hurricane Matthew

ISLANDS, Ga. – Several businesses on the islands posted signs of potential closings while others have shut down all together.

It’s all for the safety of their employees, but not everyone plans to evacuate.

Some employees say as long as they have power they’ll remain open.

Most of them have been through this before and know what the safest way is to prepare.

“More or less we always worry about the safety of everybody,” Marion Woodberry, the pitmaster at Wiley’s, said. “This is the time of year when it’s always hurricane season.”

People on Wilmington have also been stocking up on items like batteries, flashlights and plywood for the storm.
“A lot of folks coming in getting prepared for the storm,” Thomas Edging, an Ace Hardware employee, said. “Buying just about everything in the store. Buying everything you could imagine.”

Ace Hardware has even made a special order of generators for those who can’t make it off the island.

Now, Wilmington and Whitemarsh will have a voluntary evacuation at 3 Wednesday afternoon.

This will give everyone plenty of time to make those final plans.

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