How to stay connected if you lose electricity during a storm

Many of us are relying on our cell phones to keep us connected on a daily basis.  But with the threat of a hurricane level storm headed our way, it’s a reminder that you may lose electricity.  And even if you have to evacuate, you will want a fully functioning cell phone and the ability to keep it and perhaps other phones in your family charged.

We found a variety of portable devices available at a cost of less than $10 all the way to $60.  The highest priced charger included a built in plug (to help you recharge that) plus built in cords that would allow you you to plug in an Apple and an Android phone.

Some experts suggest that if you need to, you can turn off your phone for periods when you know you won’t need it which will help the power last longer.  We also found advice online that indicated some consumers simply have an extra burner phone charged and ready to go in case of an emergency.  That probably won’t help them get on the Internet but at least that way they can make an emergency phone call.

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