New board digs deep into sheriff’s department

SAVANNAH, Ga. – From inmate health concerns to the recent death – a news advisory board is working the ins and outs of the sheriff’s department to answer all of your questions.

“Every day I get 15-20 calls on my husband, my brother, my son that somebody’s not getting the adequate treatment they need, such as medical and dental,” John Wilcher, the Chatham County Sheriff, said.

The group is made up of community leaders from all over the county is finding out everything you want to know about the sheriff’s department.

“What we the people sit as advocates for the entire community along with Chief Wilcher has given us an opportunity to hold everybody’s feet to the fire,” Detric Leggett, the board’s chairman, said.

They first met in August. An effort by the sheriff to fulfill a promise made when he was elected back in April.

“I’m going to provide any answer to you,” Wilcher said. “I have nothing to hide.”

Committee members asked the sheriff and his employees about how money is being spent and if the jail is at capacity.

Board members took a tour of the facility, getting a firsthand look at what it’s like to be an inmate.

They even discuss the most recent inmate death.

“Today we went into an executive session to find out what exactly happened with the death that happened in the jail earlier,” Leggett said. “I just wish we had this opportunity when the other death happened in this facility. The next meeting we have we’ll have a full autopsy. We’ll have everything that we need. Even if we need to go back and look at the cell and see where it happened. We got a lot of answers in there today.”

Answers they are determined to get and share with the public.

“We have an array of people that comes from every facet of the community and they’re going to do what they have to do,” Leggett said.

This board meets once a month at the sheriff’s department.

Right now, they’re working to put a Facebook page together so you can contact them.

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