Mammography fund saves Savannah woman’s life.

In radiation treatment now Michelle Carter was 57 when she received a rare breast cancer diagnosis last December.
“I found a mass that suddenly came upon my left breast. And my exterior of my breast was in a burning sensation.”
Living without insurance Michelle turned to a valuable resource– St. Mary’s Health Center for a breast screening.
“Unfortunately through the downturn in economic times of 2008 & 9 I have worked for smaller businesses who cannot afford to offer insurance.
“In addition, I had to make a choice of having a roof over my head with utilities or paying for an insurance policy, in addition to trying to put a child through college as a single parent.”
A needle biopsy and 3D mammogram showed nothing,
But her doctor knew they had to act fast.
“Because I was still in pain, and the exterior of my breast looked like an orange peel. It had little dimples.”
Michelle was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer one of the deadliest forms.
Scared at first, she’s ok now with her treatment path.

“I had my left breast removed along with 17 lymph nodes.
“Not only did the chemo destroy the cancer in the tumor it was actually gone.”
Michelle Carter has the heart of a champion
She will celebrate her 58th birthday this month.
“It wasn’t gonna win. In the back of my mind cancer wasn’t gonna win and I was gonna win.”

Michelle says she’s ready to pay it forward by volunteering to take survivors to their doctor’s appointments.

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