Crashes continue along Anderson Street, taking out part of home’s foundation

SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) – Neighbors call it a problem intersection in the historic district and want something done about it.

We are following up with one neighbor who says a car has hit his home on Anderson street not once but several times.

Eric Brown has had to walk outside his home each morning to a hole in it’s foundation that has taken nearly a month to fix after the  a car crash hit the home along Anderson street.

“The front of the car was inside, and the guy was passed out with the airbags.”

It’s not the first time Brown has had a car use his home as a speed bump.

“This whole front section has had to be pushed back in and replaced, side of the house has been hit, fence has been hit multiple times,” says Brown.

Over the six months there have been seventeen crashes at the intersection according to police. They add that in the past year, they responded to 245 car crashes in total along Anderson street alone.

“It’s just a combination, I don’t know if it’s the lights, the trees, or the drivers but something, something has to happen before somebody really gets hurt.”

City leaders agree, but do not expect anything to happen any time soon.

“Unfortunately just changing speed limit signs is not going to do it.”

Alderman Bill Durrence has mentioned the crashes along east Anderson during two city council meetings. He says, in addition to city intervention, commuters need to take a hard look at their driving habits.

“There’s much more speed, much more sense that these are highways really to get in and out of town or across town and somewhere along the way we’ve got to change that attitude,” says the alderman.

Durrence says there are many steps the city can take, take out the two lanes and make the street more bike friendly, invest in the police chief’s efforts for a traffic enforcement division, or speed limit or infrastructure improvement.

“I think there are a variety of tools that would absolutely fix the problem, the real question is do we have the will to do it, and that’s the bigger question the one I don’t have an answer to, now I think one of the things that might make a difference on that is the new city manager.”

Durrence says Rob Hernandez, the incoming city manager, will play a big role in what city council prioritizes in terms of traffic and public safety.

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