Pooler Elementary hosts All Pro Dad Program, helping dads get more involved with their kids

Dads, uncles, grandfathers, and even some moms gathered inside the Pooler Elementary School gym for the All Pro Dad Program meeting Friday morning.


Fathers play an integral part in a child’s life and there have been numerous studies to prove it.

But some fathers with busy work schedules still struggle to spend quality time with their kids.

That’s why Pooler Elementary is hosting a program to help dads get more involved.

It’s called the All Pro Dads Program and it was originally started by former NFL coach Tony Dungy and Mark Merrill.

Football kept them both on the road a lot, which means they didn’t get to spend as much time with their kids as they would have liked; the program helped to bridge that gap.

Now the program is being used nationwide.

Every last Friday of the month, P.E. teacher and All Pro Dad Program Captain Nick Clayton invites fathers and their children to meet before class for food, fellowship, fun and plenty of teachable moments!

“What do I get out of it?…I get to be with the kids…It gives me an opportunity to see how they’re doing in school, it gets me out of work…so I have a good time, I have fun with it,” said Danny Kanupp, the uncle of triplets that attend Pooler Elementary School.

Clayton says at least 100-120 people are coming to the monthly fatherhood morning meetings—a number he hopes will continue to grow with time.

To learn more about the All Pro Dad Program or how you can start your own local chapter, click here.


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